What to Give on a Baby Gender Reveal Party: Top Ideas & Gifts

what to give on a baby gender reveal party

Welcome to the world of baby gender reveal parties! This special occasion brings excitement and anticipation to expecting parents, as well as their family and friends. It’s not just about revealing the gender of the baby, but also about celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new bundle of joy.

One of the essential aspects of a baby gender reveal party is giving gifts. It’s an excellent way to show your support and love for the expecting parents while also contributing to the festivities. But, with so many gift options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect present.

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of top ideas and gifts to give on a baby gender reveal party that will surely bring a smile to the expecting parents’ faces. From unique gender reveal gifts to cute party favors and personalized gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started and find out what to give on a baby gender reveal party!

Unique Gender Reveal Gifts

A baby gender reveal party is a joyful event for expecting parents. It’s a time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little bundle of joy and it’s essential to mark the occasion with meaningful gifts. If you’re struggling to come up with creative gift ideas, we’ve got you covered with these unique gender reveal gifts that will make the party even more memorable.

Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards

Surprise the parents-to-be with gender reveal scratch-off cards. These cards are a fun way to announce the gender of the baby in a unique and interactive way. You can customize the scratch-off cards to include a personal message or design, making them extra special.

Pros Cons
Interactive and fun Can be time-consuming to create
Customizable May not be suitable for all guests

Gender Reveal Piñatas

Another unique gender reveal gift idea is a gender reveal piñata. Fill the piñata with pink or blue confetti and let the parents-to-be smash it open to reveal the gender of their baby. This is a fun and exciting way to reveal the gender and make the party more memorable.

Pros Cons
Exciting and memorable Can be messy
Customizable May not be suitable for all guests

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Gender reveal cupcakes are a delicious and unique way to announce the gender of the baby. Decorate the cupcakes with pink or blue frosting, and when the parents-to-be take a bite, the gender will be revealed with a colored filling.

Pros Cons
Delicious and fun May not be suitable for guests with dietary restrictions
Customizable May not be suitable for all guests

Personalize these unique gender reveal gifts based on the parents-to-be’s preferences to make them even better. These gifts will undoubtedly make the gender reveal party more exciting and memorable for everyone involved.

Gender Reveal Party Favors

When attending a baby gender reveal party, it’s always a nice gesture to bring a small gift for the expecting parents. However, finding the perfect gift can be tricky, especially if you’re on a budget. That’s where party favors come in! These cute and inexpensive gifts are the perfect way to show your support and excitement for the upcoming arrival of the little one.

Here are some ideas for adorable gender reveal party favors:

Item Description
Gender Reveal Cookies These sweet treats come in both pink and blue frosting, and can be decorated with fun gender reveal-themed designs.
Gender Reveal Popcorn Boxes Fill these cute boxes with pink or blue popcorn, or mix it up with a combination of both! Add a personalized label for an extra touch of thoughtfulness.
Gender Reveal Candles These delightful candles come in pink or blue and are the perfect way to set the mood for the gender reveal. Plus, they’ll make any home smell amazing!

Remember, the key to making these party favors extra special is to personalize them as much as possible. Print out customized labels with the baby’s name or include a special message on the packaging. Choose colors and designs that reflect the theme of the gender reveal party. The more personalized the favors, the more appreciated they will be by the expecting parents.

Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Decorations play an essential role in making a baby gender reveal party more festive and exciting. Creating a cohesive theme and atmosphere adds to the anticipation and excitement of the event. Here are some ideas on how to decorate for a gender reveal party:

Gender Reveal Banners

A gender reveal banner is an easy way to add a personalized touch to the party. You can customize it with the baby’s name or the soon-to-be parents’ names. You can also incorporate the party’s theme colors. The banner can be hung behind the reveal table or as a photo backdrop.


Gender reveal balloons are a classic decoration that never goes out of style. You can fill them with confetti or paint in the color of the revealed gender. Balloons can be arranged as a bouquet or attached to a balloon garland. To keep the anticipation high, the balloons can be popped to reveal the baby’s gender.

Table Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are a great way to incorporate the party theme and add a touch of elegance to the party. You can use flowers, balloons, or baby blocks in the color of the revealed gender. The centerpieces can be placed on the dining table or the reveal table.

Decorating Tips

When decorating for a gender reveal party, it’s important to incorporate the theme and color scheme throughout the venue. You can use tablecloths, table runners, and napkins in the color of the revealed gender. The food and drinks can also match the color scheme. It’s essential to keep the focus on the baby and the gender reveal while creating a festive atmosphere.

Personalized Gender Reveal Gifts

Personalized gifts add a special touch of thoughtfulness to the baby gender reveal party. Here are some great ideas to make the expecting parents feel extra special:

Gift Idea Description
Personalized Baby Onesies Get customized onesies with the baby’s name or initials. This is a great gift that the parents can use for months to come.
Gender Reveal Mugs Customize mugs with the baby’s gender and name. This will not only make a special gift but also a great keepsake for the parents.
Gender Reveal Jewelry Get the mom-to-be jewelry with the baby’s gender and birth date engraved on it. This is a gift that she will treasure for years to come.

To make these gifts even more personal, consider adding a personal message or a special symbol that has meaning to the parents. Get creative and have fun with it!

Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Planning a baby gender reveal party can be both exciting and overwhelming. As you plan, keep in mind the following ideas to ensure a successful and memorable party:

Choose a Theme

To create a cohesive party environment, choose a theme that incorporates the baby’s gender. For example, if the baby is a girl, consider a pink and gold or floral theme. If it’s a boy, choose blue and green or a sports theme.


Decide what location will work best for the party. It can be held at your home, a park, or you can rent a venue. Consider the number of guests you plan on inviting and choose a location that can accommodate them.


Create fun and creative invitations that reflect the theme of your party. Make sure to include all the essential details such as the date, time, location, and instructions on how the guests should RSVP.


Your decorations should reflect the theme of the party and the gender of the baby. Consider decorations such as balloons, banners, centerpieces, and tableware that incorporate the chosen colors and theme.


Plan food that fits the theme of the party and offers options for all guests. You can choose a caterer or make the food yourself. Don’t forget to include a gender reveal cake or cupcakes that reveal the baby’s gender when cut into.

The Big Reveal

Decide how you will reveal the baby’s gender. You can have the sonographer write the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope for you to open, or you can have a special gender reveal moment during the party. This can include activities such as popping a balloon filled with confetti or cutting a cake with a colored filling revealing the gender. Make sure to have a camera ready to capture the moment.

With these ideas in mind, your baby gender reveal party is sure to be a success and a memorable event for everyone involved.

FAQs About Baby Gender Reveal Parties

Planning a baby gender reveal party can be exciting, but it can also raise a lot of questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about baby gender reveal parties to help you plan the perfect celebration.

When is the best time to have a gender reveal party?

The ideal time to have a gender reveal party is around 20 weeks into the pregnancy. This is because most ultrasound scans can accurately determine the baby’s gender at this time. However, some parents choose to wait until later in the pregnancy or until the baby is born for a surprise reveal.

Who should I invite to a gender reveal party?

You should invite your close friends and family members to your gender reveal party. It’s best to keep the guest list small and intimate to ensure everyone can participate in the reveal and enjoy the celebration. You can also consider inviting coworkers or neighbors if you have a close relationship with them.

Do I need to serve food at a gender reveal party?

Providing food and drinks at your gender reveal party is a nice touch, but it’s not necessary. You can choose to have a potluck-style party where guests bring their own food, or you can serve simple snacks and refreshments. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment!

What are some fun and unique ways to reveal the baby’s gender?

There are many creative ways to reveal the gender of the baby, such as cutting a gender reveal cake, releasing colored balloons, or popping a confetti-filled balloon. You can also consider a more personalized reveal, such as having the ultrasound technician write the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and placing it in a sealed envelope, which you can then open at the party.

Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the celebration and share this special moment with your loved ones.



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