When Do I Send Out Baby Shower Invitations?

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A baby shower is one of the most enjoyable ways to celebrate the coming of an additional family member. 

But when do you really need to prepare and send shower invitations if you’re tasked with organizing this monumental event?

Firstly, you need to wait until the mother is about six or seven months pregnant before having a baby shower. By that time, they will have told their family and friends but more importantly, be nearing the end of the pregnancy stage getting ready for the new arrival.

You need to plan things out long before that time, however. 

Consider the availability of the people you want to invite. After all, we all lead such hectic lives these days that last-minute invites sometimes bring about schedule clashes. The last thing you want is for people to miss out because you didn’t get your act together in time.

Here are some tips to make sure you get things right in the planning stages.

Shower Date

Most baby showers tend to be held somewhere from six to eight weeks before the baby’s due date.

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If you’re arranging the baby shower on behalf of the mother, it’s obviously vital that you liaise closely with her before fixing the date. You don’t want any doctor’s appointments getting in the way of the big day now do you?

As mentioned above, you also need to factor in sending out the invites, so all guests have ample time to clear space in their schedules.

So, who’s going to be coming to the party?

Guest List

Write down the names and numbers of your chosen guests, as well as their email or physical addresses as needed.

Think of how you’d like to send them your invitation, whether by email or regular mail. Digital invitations are a rising trend, too.

You should also include the phone numbers on the guest list, in case you want to remind them by giving them a courtesy call, although this is not usually necessary.

There’s another key element to consider when you’re thinking about who to invite – whether the event will be open to women and men alike.


Do you want only female attendees or are you planning to veer from established traditions and invite some male guests as well?

If you’re choosing a Jack-and-Jill style event, make sure this is explicitly stated on the invitation. It’s different, so men may wonder about attending a baby shower. They might feel uncomfortable at the prospect of being the only man there.

Who Should Guests RSVP To?

All replies should be to you, the hostess of the baby shower. This is usually not the territory of the mother-to-be.

List a physical address and add your email address as well. A mobile contact number is also helpful, so you can manage any queries by the invitees on their preferred method of communication.

When Should You Send Thank You Notes?

Typically, you should wait for a couple of weeks after the baby shower, perhaps, before sending a thank you note, a card or a letter to all attendees. It’s the polite thing to do, after all.



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