pregnancy week 34

Pregnancy Guide: Week 34

Your little peanut can now open his eyes when he’s awake and close them when he’s asleep, just like he will when he’s born. The vernix coating that covers his body now will thicken and then begin to shed. At this point, you may actually see little hands or feet poke through your belly as he pushes and kicks.

34 weeks pregnant is how many months?

You are seven months and two weeks pregnant. Only six weeks to go time roughly! Very random things may be crossing your mind like how many nappies will I need in the first year? If my baby falls asleep nursing is that ok? When will I ever sleep again? It’s normal to start to get nervous or to feel calm at this point – if you are ever unsure or unhappy it’s always good to check in with someone whether that be your partner or family or your health care professional.

Your Baby at 34 Weeks

Your baby is almost as long as he’ll be when he’s born, although he’ll still be gaining weight until that day comes. If you’re having a boy, his testicles are moving from his abdomen to his scrotum.

He has fingernails by now, and they’re growing almost as rapidly as yours. He’ll need a manicure soon after he comes out! Those nails can be sharp and dangerous for his sweet little face.

How big is a baby at 34 weeks?

Your baby is the same size as butternut squash. He is 45.6 centimetres long and weighs 2377 grams. He only has two more months to go, and he’s almost as long as he will be at birth, but he’s still gaining weight.

Your Body at 34 Weeks

You still aren’t seeing as well as you used to. Your pregnancy hormones are causing some decreased tear production and blurry vision. If your eyes are irritated, try some lubricating drops or switch to glasses and reduce the number of hours per day you wear your contacts.

Not only that, but you have excess fluid build-up behind your eyes, which for some women can cause temporary nearsighted or farsightedness and your glasses may be much more comfortable.

These symptoms will clear up after you have the baby, but remember that severe vision problems could be a sign of preeclampsia, so mention these issues to your doctor if you have concerns.

Start writing letters to your baby before you forget the things you want to remember. A decrease in brain cells can cause memory troubles, so make sure you write everything down and carry a notepad with you at all times. Delegate important tasks that you don’t feel up to so that you don’t forget them.

pregnancy week 34


The symptoms seem never-ending. You’ve been gassy, but it’s getting worse. Your uterus is putting more pressure on your intestines, and the mounting anxiety of a baby coming doesn’t help.

Take some deep breaths in through your nose and release them slowly out of your mouth. Try reducing your stress for several minutes every day. At this point, that may do more for you than Tums.

Your bowels are still moving pretty slowly, so eat fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Skip the laxatives and go for more natural remedies to constipation. Check with your practitioner if you can’t seem to loosen up.

Your vaginal discharge is normal but could be annoying. Thankfully, it’s a good thing. It’s protecting your birth canal from infection and maintaining the natural flora of your vagina. A pantyliner is a safe bet if you need help staying dry.

Your constipation’s best friends are hemorrhoids. Neither is fun, but they seem to go hand in hand. If you’re suffering from varicose veins in other places besides your rectum, they’re likely not nearly as painful. 

Drink plenty of water, use ice packs, and try some witch hazel pads for relief.

If your back wasn’t on fire before, it might be now. The extra weight you’re carrying in your belly is putting a lot of strain on your back and making it work hard. Stretch, take a warm bath, take a walk, or do some yoga. Sitting for too long can make it worse.

Weight gain, fatigue, and swelling can cause leg cramps. Keep drinking water and stretch before bed to release some tension in your leg muscles and keep you from getting cramps or restless legs at night.

Women with light skin suffer from stretch marks more because they show up easier. However, once you have the baby, they should fade to a silvery grey, and you’ll hardly notice them. If your skin is dry and itchy, try some lotion and a massage from your partner.

Tips/Things to do

Install your car seat now before it’s too late. It’s only a matter of weeks before your baby could come at any moment, so make sure you’re ready. The hospital won’t let you leave without a car seat. 

If you need help, take it to the fire station, and they will help you get it installed correctly.

If you’re suffering from some depression, you should seek help for it now. You’re more likely to suffer from postpartum depression if you have those feelings now. You have plenty of hormones and anxiety that could be contributing to these feelings, but you should still speak with someone.

If you’ve been staying away from caffeine as you should, you may be looking for a little extra energy. You’ll find it if you keep up with your exercise routine. Getting your heart rate up can release endorphins, which make you feel happy and energised.

Now’s the time to think about a doula. This person doesn’t have any medical training but can be a good source of emotional support as you go through labour, delivery, and the days afterwards. She can coach you and your husband on how to get through it.

Some women at 34 weeks worry about how safe the bath is, but there’s nothing to worry about. As long as the water isn’t too hot, you can take a relaxing soak. Just be careful as you get in and out that you don’t fall.

Start writing notes or a journal for your baby. He may be interested in reading later about your cravings, how you were feeling, or what made you choose his name. Share with him how you found out you were pregnant or what the first kicks felt like. He’ll get a kick out of it.

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