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Pregnancy Guide: Week 28

By this week, your baby is experiencing rapid eye movement, which may indicate that he’s dreaming. Of what, exactly? Probably his cozy home and his mama’s voice. 

Right now, he can blink his open eyes and his brand-new eyelashes. An ultrasound may reveal your baby is sticking his tongue out, which likely means he’s getting a taste of amniotic fluid, but nobody really knows.

28 weeks pregnant is how many months?

Now that you’re six months pregnant, you’re ready to embark on your third trimester. This last trimester will be filled with growth as your baby’s systems mature to take on the world.

Your Baby at 28 Weeks

Your baby is starting to turn downward in preparation for birth. He’s headed for the closest exit. He is now practising his blinking skills so that he can keep foreign objects out of his eyes once he enters the world, and he’s also doing things like breathing, coughing, sucking, and hiccupping.

His REM sleep tells us that he’s dreaming of something wonderful as he goes through his sleep cycles.

How big is a baby at 28 weeks?

Your baby is now 37.9 centimetres long and weighs a whopping 1210 grams. He’s as big as an eggplant and putting on fat rapidly.

Your Body at 28 Weeks

Well, you’re ⅔ done with your pregnancy and my how times have changed. You’re no longer very comfortable as if you ever really were. Your baby is kicking around the clock, so your sleep deprivation isn’t only from getting up to pee. You may be thinking instead of getting a Brazilian wax during pregnancy or you may opt for a pregnancy massage!

Your feet are swollen, you’re back to the days of endless exhaustion, and your baby is literally getting on your nerves. He’s putting pressure on your sciatic nerve, sending pain down your back, hips, buttocks, and legs.

Try shifting positions to see if you can get it to go away. A warm bath, heating pad, or some bed rest will also help a little.

Remember back a few weeks ago when we said it was time to research some childbirth classes? Well, now it’s time to cash in on the fruits of that research by signing up! During these classes, you can learn everything you need to know about the end of your pregnancy, labour, delivery, and time with your new baby.

Make sure you take the class a few weeks before your due date, so it’s fresh in your mind, but you have plenty of time to complete the course before your baby comes. Be clear about what your class offers, including CPR, infant care, or breastfeeding.

If you are on your second pregnancy and only want to brush up on your skills, you’re looking to have a vaginal birth after your first was a cesarean, or you are expecting multiple babies, you can look into classes for your specific needs.

Extended classes coupled with weekend getaways or a stroll, maybe to check out the best playgrounds in Melbourne or near where you live. You may be frequenting these parks later on in life! It doesn’t matter which you choose, just make sure it has what you need. Health insurance may pay for it, too, so check that out.

why losing weight pregnancy yellow coat


Do you still have gas? You’re not alone. You have even more pressure from your uterus these days and your slow digestive system isn’t helping. Eat small meals more frequently to make it easy on your insides.

Eating more often will also help with your faintness or dizziness. As your uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels that should be carrying increased blood flow, it actually restricts blood flow, causing you to get dizzy. Drink a lot of water every day.

Relaxin is supposed to loosen your joints so you can prepare to have a baby, but sometimes it loosens them too much, causing symphysis pubis dysfunction, which can cause a lot of pain and may require the use of a pelvic support belt. If you’re experiencing more pelvic pain than you think you should, this could be your problem.

Your stuffy nose makes it hard to breathe, and you may be snoring at night, making it hard for your spouse to sleep. Now you’re both prepping for the sleep deprivation that will come in just a few short months. Use a humidifier at night or try nasal strips.

Tips/Things to do

Now’s the time to have some potentially uncomfortable conversations with your spouse. 

If you’re having a boy, you need to talk about circumcision. If you have cultural or religious traditions guiding you, the decision may be easy. If not, do some research and talk to your pediatrician about options.

Pay attention to changes in your breasts. Yes, they’ve gotten bigger and more tender, but you may also notice concerning lumps. However, your chances of having breast cancer now are rare.

Instead, you may be reassured by the fact that lumps are common in the third trimester. In any case, if you have them, get them checked at your next appointment, just to be sure.

Your baby is absorbing more iron now than ever, so make sure you increase your intake and take a supplement. Vitamin C can also increase iron absorption, so consuming both at once is a great strategy.

Avoid fish oil supplements. They have DHA that supports healthy brain development, but so should your prenatal vitamins and the salmon you’re eating. Fish oil supplements have some substances that may not be safe, and they’re not very easy on the stomach, either.

Your skin is much more sensitive now than it ever has been. You may have heat rash, irritation, dry skin, and a lot of itching. Your hormones, as well as stretching skin, make you prone to these discomforts.

You’re sensitive to plenty of things, including the soap you’ve always used, sun, food, and heat. Use calamine lotion for itching, cool compresses for heat rash, and lotion for dryness. Make sure you avoid products with added scents and other chemicals to prevent further irritation.

If your baby is Rh-positive and you are Rh-negative, that could be a problem. Ask your doctor if you should be concerned about it. If it happens, you’ll need an injection during week 28 to stop antibodies from developing.

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