pregnancy week 16

Pregnancy Guide: Week 16

Your baby can recognize light now, even though her eyes are still closed. She may also be sucking her thumb, which will come in handy when she needs to self-soothe after she’s born. The circulatory system is up and running, and her heart can now pump roughly twenty-five quarts of blood every day.

16 weeks pregnant is how many months?

If you’re 16 weeks pregnant, that means you’re in the fourth month. You only have about 5 months left to go. You’re almost halfway through!

Your Baby at 16 Weeks

Your baby’s backbone is gaining strength, and she can now straighten her head and neck out even more. The facial muscles are developing, and she can make expressions like smiling, frowning, and squinting. Her eyes are working hard with small movements from side to side, and she can detect light.

Your baby’s skin is transparent now, which won’t matter when she’s born, but it just means she doesn’t have any fat yet. She has eyebrows and luscious eyelashes, and she also has visible eyelashes under her skin.

The most important thing this week is that your baby can hear your voice. With working ears, she will begin to recognize your voice. Now’s the time to start talking to her, singing to her, and involving her in the conversation, no matter what it is.

How big is a baby at 16 weeks?

Your baby is now 18.3 centimetres long and weighs 146 grams. She keeps almost doubling her weight from the week before, and this week she’s the size of an avocado.

Your Body at 16 Weeks

Your uterus is growing at the same rate as your baby, which means you’re growing fast, too. You may not be able to hide the fact that you’re pregnant anymore, which means you’re now forced to tell people if you haven’t already.

Every baby bump is different, so don’t compare yours to someone else at your stage. No matter how big you are right now, it’s normal. A lot of things can contribute to the size of your bump, including your size pre-pregnancy and whether it’s your first or third pregnancy.

It’s hard to know you’re going to gain weight, especially if you’ve always been health-conscious, but every pound means good health for the baby and for you. The most important thing to remember is that if you eat right and exercise during pregnancy, any amount of weight gain is important. 

If you’re feeling uncomfortable in your new skin, buy a new outfit that fits your growing figure and acquire some lovely new undergarments that fit, too.

Your uterus and your nasal passages are swelling at an alarming rate, both making you very uncomfortable. The hormones you’re dealing with right now are increasing blood flow and producing extra mucus, which can cause congestion and bloody noses. It’s normal but annoying.

It may not be getting better any time soon, so if it does get uncomfortable, you can talk to your doctor about options for medication that can ease the discomfort. Nasal strips, saline sprays, and a warm humidifier while you sleep are great options.

pregnancy week 16


Your breasts may feel like they’re never going to stop growing at this point. You have a long road ahead of you, and they may return to the size they were before pregnancy. You might like to start thinking about whether you hope to feed using formula or breastmilk, and whether or not you would buy or rent a breast pump, burp cloths, nipple pads and other feeding apparatus.

Your constipation doesn’t have any plans to slow down anytime soon, thanks to hormones. Not to mention a vaginal discharge.

There’s a good reason, though, so let it be. Wear a panty liner if you must, but don’t wash it away. It’s protecting your birth canal from infection.

Varicose veins may be plaguing you, and while you can’t make them go away completely, because it’s hereditary, you can do your best to minimize their appearance. Rest with your feet up and maintain an exercise regimen to maintain a healthy circulatory system.

Starting now, you may experience plenty of backaches. Your belly is growing and putting more strain on your body. Your lower back is working harder to support the load, so you may need to invest in a prenatal massage or soothe sore muscles with a warm bath.

Your gums may be irritated and bleeding after brushing these days, and it’s normal, but you desperately need to make sure you’re taking care of your teeth by brushing and flossing. Make sure you visit the dentist at least once during your pregnancy to make sure you’re healthy so that dental problems don’t cause birth problems.

Tips/Things to do

You can’t prevent your varicose veins, but you can reduce their appearance by avoiding being on your feet for a long time. You should keep your feet elevated while sitting and keep up with the exercise routine to maintain good circulation.

Put a humidifier in your bedroom to help with your stuffy nose. You may be experiencing dryness and nosebleeds, so combine your humidifier use with some vaseline and you’ll hopefully feel a little better.

Get ready for some screens. Your quad screen is a simple blood test that can detect chromosomal abnormalities. It’s typically done between 14 and 22 weeks, but results from weeks 16 to 18 are the most accurate.

Even if you don’t get to make special restaurant requests, you can always ask for substitutions with your order. Most chefs are happy to make accommodations, so go ahead and ask for the dressing on the side or ask for ketchup instead of mayo. 

If you’re eating small meals more often, make sure you get your leftovers to go, so you can have another snack or meal at home later.

While you can’t always find the healthiest options, can attempt to control your portions. Exercise to afford yourself more calories for the day, especially if you’re having some unhealthy cravings or don’t feel like substituting for healthier choices today. As always, make healthy choices when you can, but listen to your body and what it’s telling you it needs.

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