pregnant week 14

Pregnancy Guide: Week 14

Your baby is welcoming you into the second trimester by smiling. The muscles in his face can move, and he’s practising all sorts of expressions. His (or her) genitals are fully developed, so if you can detect them on your next ultrasound, you’ll know what you’re having. He is also growing hair on his head, face, and body this week.

14 weeks pregnant is how many months?

Welcome to the second trimester! You are now in your fourth month of pregnancy and you only have a little over five months to go. You’re halfway to the finish line! You might already be thinking of baby shower decoration ideas as time may seem to fly quickly from now on.

Your Baby at 14 Weeks

Not only is your baby growing rapidly, but he can use his muscles to stretch out now, and he doesn’t stay curled up in a ball all the time anymore. He is moving almost constantly, and these movements are much smoother and more controlled than they were in the first trimester.

Your baby is growing eyebrows and hair, though you won’t be able to tell the colour yet. He’s also growing a layer of hair all over his body, called lanugo, which he’ll use for warmth until he has enough fat to keep himself warm.

Your baby also now has a roof in his mouth, and his intestines are filling with meconium, which is the waste that will comprise his first bowel movement shortly after delivery.

How big is a baby at 14 weeks?

Your baby is the size of a peach at 7.9 centimetres long and he weighs 93 grams. And like a peach, he may be getting fuzzy, too. He continues to double his weight each week and is growing at warp speed.

Your Body at 14 Weeks

Your body will be very happy this trimester with less fatigue and fewer bouts of morning sickness. You’ll have more energy and will feel more like resuming your normal activities. Your breasts also may not be as tender as they were in the first trimester.

Fewer trips to the bathroom will give you extra time to spend shopping for new clothes since you’ll start needing them soon. Your uterus is rising to your lower abdomen, and you may be able to feel the top of it now if you push down above your pelvic bone.

Round ligament pain happens as your uterus continues to grow. These ligaments are thick, and they support your growing uterus. They run from your groin up through both sides of your abdomen. The weight of your uterus can pull on these ligaments, causing sharp pains or dull throbs in your abdomen. You may only feel it when you change positions quickly or when you cough, but if it starts to bother you, the best thing you can do is rest.

Stay healthy now that your immune system is suppressed, by washing your hands and avoiding the sharing of germs through food, drinks, or toothbrushes. Stay awake from sick people and ask your spouse nicely to sleep on the sofa if they’ve caught a cold. If you catch something, talk to your doctor about medications that are safe for you right now, because there are plenty of options.

pregnant week 14


Use your renewed energy to prepare for your new arrival. Set up your crib, hang clothes, and organize your nursery. If you don’t have everything you need yet, don’t worry. You still have plenty of time to have a shower and laugh about how many nappies you need in the first year, just make sure you start planning now.

Your breasts are still changing, so they may still be sore, but the pain has waned since the first trimester. Your appetite will be increasing very soon if it hasn’t already, so eat healthy meals regularly, and snack in between to keep your energy up.

Your increased blood volume may cause varicose veins. You can combat this by staying active to keep your blood circulating, but you may not be able to prevent them entirely because they’re hereditary.

Your stuffy nose comes from the hormones surging through your body. Not only do you have increased blood flow, but your mucous membranes are starting to soften and swell. Breathe easier with a warm humidifier while you’re sleeping.

One of the best things about pregnancy is your shiny locks, so enjoy your gorgeous hair while you can, because it may be one of the things that makes you feel the most attractive right now.

Tips/Things to do

Pay attention to skin changes. Pregnancy hormones can cause moles to develop. They’re likely nothing, but have them checked out by a doctor anyway, just to make sure.

Take advantage of your extra energy by staying healthy with exercise or preparing a nursery for your baby. You can reduce your risk of gestational diabetes by walking, swimming, or doing aerobics.

Despite your best efforts to stay healthy, you’re going to start gaining weight if you haven’t already. Watch the scale, but don’t diet. It’s healthy to gain weight while you’re pregnant, just make sure that the pounds you’re gaining are coming from foods that are rich in vitamins, fibre, iron, folic acid, and all the other things your baby needs.

If you want some fresh ink, wait until after baby arrives. Getting tattoos is not a good idea when you’re pregnant because of the risk of infection. Pregnancy changes your skin, too, so even if your tattoo looks normal now, it may not later.

Wear loose clothing. Your body needs room to breathe and tight clothing can increase your risk of cutting off the circulation your baby needs. Choose a bra with enough support, make sure your pants have plenty of elastic and wear comfortable shoes.

Shop for fresh groceries instead of frozen meals or processed foods. They’re much healthier for you and don’t have the same additives and preservatives as processed foods. The only exception to this rule would be frozen fruits and vegetables without added salt or sugar because they’re often even more nutritious than fresh. You can also substitute canned fruits and veggies without additives.

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