Is It Safe To Get A Brazilian Wax During Pregnancy?

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As all mothers are acutely aware, pregnancy brings about a host of changes in a woman’s body. 

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We’re not talking here merely of the bulging size of the belly. Hormones will also cause havoc inside the body that can often make pregnant mums stressed and confused.

Along with that growing stomach and the baby inside it are other things growing over your body: hairs.

As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll probably notice some hair forming around your nipples, with more than usual appearing under your armpits and legs. Hair can crop up on a line from the middle of your tummy, going down to the pubic area. You might even spot some noticeable hair under your chin, and above your lips. 

Then, of course, there’s pubic hair.

Your hair will also grow more copiously and become thicker during pregnancy. It’s only natural that this outbreak of body hair can make you feel less than attractive at a time when your body is already undergoing some dramatic changes. It’s also understandable if you want to fight back. 

What, then, can you do to get rid of unwanted body hair, specifically down below?

If you find that your pubic hair down is causing you any kind of discomfort, doctors recommend shaving to mitigate this. It goes unsaid you’ll want to minimize stress as much as possible during pregnancy. If your belly is bulging and you don’t feel up to shaving yourself, you might need to consider alternative measures.

If you head to your local beauty salon or spa, chances are they’ll provide a full range of hair removal services. Waxing is usually the preferred method, and one of the most popular waxes is the Brazilian wax.

With a Brazilian, the norm is that all pubic hairs are completely removed. Leaving a small landing strip is optional but the classic Brazilian involves everything coming off.

Why waxing rather than shaving, though?

Waxing is preferable because it gets deeper and removes hair follicles from underneath your skin. As a result, the hair takes longer to grow back. 

One of the main problems with waxing is that it hurts. A lot!

Since sensitivity is heightened while you’re expecting, it’s only natural to ask yourself if it’s safe or advisable to get a Brazilian wax during pregnancy.

Will a Brazilian wax cause any complications at all beyond making you wince?

In a word, no. 

It’s always worth seeking advice from your doctor when you’re looking to do anything during pregnancy, whether that’s starting a new exercise regime or considering a Brazilian wax.

Waxing is considered generally safe during pregnancy if you take a few sensible and basic precautions.

First and foremost, you should double-check with your doctor so he can give you any advice specific to your circumstances and skin type.

It’s also crucial to choose a salon with trustworthy, licensed professional beauticians. This is not the type of procedure you want to leave to an unqualified practitioner at the best of times and certainly not when you’re pregnant.

How about if you don’t fancy hitting the salon, though?

Maybe you’re more comfortable waxing at home but is that safe?

There’s certainly no shortage of waxing kits sold online or in stores. These are normally easy to use and come with clear instructions.

The good news is, whether you choose to head to the salon, or you’re prepared to try giving yourself that world-famous Brazilian, it’s safe to do so during pregnancy if your doctor confirms this.

Our parting suggestion is that it might be unwise to try waxing for the first time during pregnancy. If you’re not already comfortable with the level of discomfort a Brazilian can trigger, why put yourself through that ordeal unnecessarily? 

As safe as it might be, you might not be able to handle the first waxing experience as bravely as when you were not pregnant. Remember that the fetus will always feel what the mother is feeling. If you get too stressed, this can indirectly affect your pregnancy, too. 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re an old hand at the Brazilian wax, though, there’s no reason to let pregnancy get in the way.



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