8 Great Playgrounds in Brisbane

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Parks provide the perfect place to spend your precious downtime and Brisbane has no shortage of playgrounds ideal not just for the kids but for the whole family.

Today, we’ll highlight 8 of the finest playgrounds you can find in Brisbane with something suitable for everyone.

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1) Berrinba Wetlands

Located at Wayne Goss Drive, Browns Plains, Logan City in Queensland, Berrinba Wetlands is a nature park packed with recreation amenities and places to relax with a picnic. 

Your kids can enjoy the fresh, clean air while biking along the trails and keeping an eye out for birds. There are also many other kinds of animals, like possum and gliders, so you can give them an impromptu nature lesson.

You’ll find a stunning lake as you stroll through the wetlands. Why not dip your feet in the water after a long walk?

With picturesque natural surroundings, you’ll find your kids relaxed and calmed without ever getting bored.

2) Frew Park in Milton

You can find Frew Park between Milton Road and Frew Street at Milton QLD. 

Built on the grounds of the Milton Tennis Center, your kids can run wild playing hide and seek in the sprawling grounds. If they’ve still got plenty of energy, why not let them try climbing and running in the futuristically designed playground?

This playground has a coffee shop and plenty of picnic tables where you can have your food while watching your kids run themselves ragged. They’ll certainly sleep well on the car journey home!

3) Moora Park at Shorncliffe

Moora Park is located at Swan Street, Shorncliffe, QLD 4017. This park boasts breathtaking views of a small beach and an expansive seaside playground where you can let the kids make sandcastles. This park has plenty to stimulate the adventurous minds of your little ones.

The swings, slides and sandpits will make your kids scream for joy. This park also has huts as well as picnic tables and chairs under the trees where you can hang out to eat and relax while enjoying the beach view. There are also bike trails for kids and adults alike.

4) New Farm Park

This park is situated at Brunswick Street in New Farm, Queensland. There’s sometimes a live show at the Power House where you can kick back with your kids after a long day at the playground. 

The kiddos can enjoy climbing the trees and the giant spider web in the park itself. Let them run around the spacious playground and you can grab some coffee at the park while watching them play. Or you could spread out a sheet for a family picnic instead.

5) Picnic Island Playground at Southbank, Parklands

This playground is found at Stanley Street Plaza in South Brisbane, Queensland. 

Picnic Island Playground has a pond where kids can marvel at the colourful fish swimming around. You might spot the occasional eastern water dragon roaming around so warn your kids not to touch them as they can bite when they feel threatened.

This park also features a playground with basket swings, climbers, cubby houses, slides, sandpits, spinners and talking tubes. There are also plenty of barbecue grills, picnic tables and chairs with shaded areas to take respite from those fierce rays.

6) Rocks Riverdale Park in Seventeen Mile Rocks

You can visit this park at Counihan Road, Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD.  It’s situated by the Brisbane Ricer and has large spaces for kids and adults to enjoy picnics, parties or any day out.

There is a waterpark designed for younger children, slides and sandpits in Rocks Riverdale Park as well as lovely pathways to wander around. 

The whole park is bristling with lush green grass where you can just lie down while savouring the sweet smell of the leaves. 

This park is ideal for walking, exercising, biking and running. There’s a wide array of playground equipment your kids can take advantage of while you rustle up some food and watch them play.  

7) Whale Park at Wynnum Foreshore

This park is at Wynnum Esplanade in Wynnum, Queensland.

Whale Park is actually an unfenced playground and water park combined. The whole family can enjoy splashing in the wading pool while the kids can make merry on the slides. 

There’s also a decent selection of climbing nets, rockers and swings.

8) White Hills Reserve

This lovely, serene park can be found at Boundary Road, Camp Hill, QLD.  

Your kids can enjoy hiking up the Whites Hill Summit with you. The park also offers a well-equipped playground with climbers, spinners and stationary diggers as well as a double flying fox for bigger kids.

Picnic tables and barbecue grills are provided for good measure. It’s so spacious that your kids can have loads of fun running, walking and biking until they’re ready to head home.



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