20 Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

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When you’ve got a little one, you probably think not much could make them cuter than they already are. Whether you’ve been given one as a gift or want to make your own, a costume can be versatile and adorable!

Just wait until you see them all dressed up for Halloween, though!

One of the best things about dressing up your baby is that you get to choose their costume for them. They grow up so fast, and in the next couple of years they’ll want to choose for themselves, and then they’ll outgrow this fun tradition altogether. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can. Plus, babies love looking at themselves in the mirror and imagine their delight when they are dressed up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a crafty DIY-er and want to create a unique costume yourself, or if you’d rather pick one up off the shelf. There are hundreds of adorable baby Halloween costumes out there. You might even have a family member, for example, a grandparent, who would love to show off their sewing skills on their beautiful new grandchild.

Let’s check out our favourite selection of more than 20 Cute Baby Halloween Costumes for this year! We couldn’t limit ourselves to as few as twenty when we got started, so dig in and find something perfect for the witching hour.

Do It Yourself Costumes

Creating costumes from scratch is all part of the fun, so here are some great ideas.

Retro Workout Baby 

Slap on some legwarmers, and a headband, with your little one’s brightly coloured onesie, and they’ll soon look like an 80s workout fanatic.


Choose a white sleep sack and cap for your little one to wear. Apply black fabric paint to look like a ghost’s face and write “BOO!” on the cap. Your baby is now ready to haunt!

Sushi Roll 

Dress your baby up in a white onesie and leggings. This will be the rice component. Add a cute orange pillow velcroed to the back forming the sashimi. Top it off with a headband, with a pink and green bow for the ginger and wasabi.

Baby Granny 

Dress your little one up in a lacy dress and a cute cardigan. Cover a baby cap with cotton balls for hair. Don an oversized pair of glasses (without the lenses). Your little one now looks like a miniature version of grandma.


Dress your baby in an orange onesie and trousers or leggings. Choose a green baby hat and add some green tulle to it, so it looks like carrot top leaves. Your baby will be the cutest veggie in the patch.

Baby Strong Man

Choose a striped onesie and get your baby dressed up. Add a fake moustache and a black weight belt to protect the back. Using a tube from paper towels, glue a couple of lightweight balls to the end to resemble a barbell. Your little one is now ready to pump some iron.


Dress your little one as you normally would and wrap them up in a brown blanket. Stuff some green, yellow, and red tulle around the blanket opening to look like burrito fillings. Couldn’t you just eat them up?

Baby Chef

Get a white onesie and a black fabric marker. On the onesie, draw a chef’s jacket, with buttons and pockets for utensils. Tie on a red scarf and carry a miniature wooden spoon and whisk.


Dress your sweet baby in an orange bodysuit with a green baby cap. On the body of the suit, draw a face for the pumpkin.

Off The Shelf Costumes

Not everyone has the time or inclination to gather materials for creating costumes from scratch.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense approach, consider buying a costume instead. 

There are so many to choose from and something for all tastes.

halloween costume laya

Superhero costumes are popular at any time. Whether you have a boy or a girl, you simply can’t go wrong with any of the following:

  • Wonder Woman,
  • Superman,
  • Batman, and
  • Captain Marvel.

Animals and insects are always crowd-pleasers, too:

  • ladybug,
  • tiger,
  • lion, 
  • sheep,
  • penguin, and
  • spider.

Food costumes are deliciously adorable, and sometimes great for a laugh! Try these:

  • doughnuts,
  • coffee,
  • ketchup and mustard,
  • popcorn, and
  • cookies and milk.

Family Costumes 

Another option for your baby is to include the whole family in the dress-up game. You can do movie themes, TV shows and much, much more.

One adorable option is dressing like the characters from The Wizard of Oz. Dress your baby up like Dorothy or the Tin Man. The rest of the family can follow suit as Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Wicked Witch.

Another is to have mom and dad dress up as farmers and have the kids dress as a variety of animals. Not much different from the usual task of herding the kids!



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