15 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

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You may have come up with a creative way to tell your partner you’re pregnant. A way to celebrate together perhaps. Another exciting celebration to look forward to as the expectant mother is the baby shower! Whether you organise it yourself or have a wonderful friend to do it for you, it’s a pretty exciting party.

Not only are they a time of great fun, but baby showers also provide a superb chance for the new parents to receive much-needed supplies or fun things for the new baby. For example, nappies, burping clothes for breastfeeding or breast pumping times, or something really quirky like a baby costume e.g. cute Christmas or a cute Halloween costume.

If you’re in charge of planning, decorating, and hosting a baby shower, you’ll soon be overwhelmed. There are a plethora of super-cute themes, decorations, and ideas to choose from. It’s tough to know where to start!

It’s crucial to consider what the mother-to-be wants for her shower and to think about her personality as well. Whatever she wants, whether that’s a big and boisterous party or a more traditional and intimate women-only gathering, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you today.

Let’s get right down to business now with 15 baby shower decoration ideas to get you started!

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1) Signs

Wherever you plan to host the baby shower, people need to know they’re in the right location. A professionally done creative decorative sign or handmade one is a great way to direct guests seamlessly to the right spot.

2) Nappy Cakes 

These function in two ways.

Not only do they make an impressive centrepiece on the table, but they also act as a gift for the new mother. 

The base is made from dozens of rolled-up nappies and you can add in baby clothes, toys, and more to amp up the wow factor.

3) Balloons

While you can use balloons coloured pink or blue for gender, you can also choose colours to complement a specific theme. 

Lettered balloons can be used to spell out “BABY” or even the baby’s name. 

You can also use balloons for party games, making them a versatile all-rounder.

4) Banners

Banners are always fun and a traditional baby shower decoration. 

Hang them in entryways, on walls or as table backdrops. 

Use banners to punch up the decorations, spell out phrases or even order custom banners that can be reused in the baby’s room.

5) Guest Books

Another double whammy, guest books function as both elegant décor and a reminder of who was there to celebrate the occasion.

A themed party allows you to choose a book to match or opt for a plain book that gets the job done and preserves the memory.

6) Table Toppers

From confetti and figurines to toys and dummies, imagination is your only limitation with tabletop décor for baby showers.

7) Cakes and Cookies 

Along with being a sweet treat for party guests, cakes and cookies can be decorative, too. 

Choose to have the cookies resemble baby clothes or toys, or design them to match the theme of the party. Here are some great baby shower cake ideas.

8) Topping the Cake

Speaking of sweet ideas, cake toppers can be charming decorations as well. 

Look for toppers like banners, to spell out the baby’s name. 

You could also use baby toys or party-themed figurines on top of the cake.

9) Photo Board

Gather baby photos of the guests and display them on a pretty board. Have the other guests guess the identity for each photograph. 

You’ll get not only décor but also an entertaining game thrown in for good measure.

10) Party Favors

Once the celebration is over, be sure to send your guests home with some fun memorabilia. Make certain these fun goodie bags are prominently displayed during the party, and they’ll act as décor, too.

11) Photo Booth

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular, so be sure you’ve got one at your party. Use props like dummies, bottles, diapers, and baby bonnets. Let your guests take fun pictures here for memorable keepsakes.

12) Wish Board

Place a board in a prominent location. Leave a pen and paper for guests to write notes of encouragement, and advice, for mum and baby.

13) Clothes Bunting 

Make a bunting from baby clothes. 

String up a line and use clothespins to attach baby items and baby clothes for décor. 

Be sure they are useful clothes, so they’ll double up as a gift!

14) Punch

Your punch bowl can be decorative as well, as long as you use colours on-theme with the baby shower.

15) Flowers

Gorgeous fresh flowers always make a statement. They are a timeless and fragrant decoration.



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