12 Awesome Playgrounds in Adelaide

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Today, we’ve got a capsule summary of a full dozen of the very best playgrounds in Adelaide.

We’ll jump right in without further ado and hopefully, you’ll find something to your liking in today’s bumper list among these 12 awesome playgrounds in Adelaide.

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1) Springlake Nature Playground, Mount Barker

Nestling within Springlake’s Mount Barker development, this park is small but perfectly formed.

Be prepared before you arrive since there are no toilets and there’s no shade either except for the surrounding gum trees. If your toddler poops a lot, you may want to consider some extra clothes!

Your kids will still enjoy a quick pitstop, though. Unleash them on the slides, swings and climbing logs. There’s also an awesome flying fox so they can burn off some energy before you head to the nearby Pallet Café for some much-needed refreshments.

2) St Andrews Reserve

Tucked in among Novar Gardens, St Andrews Reserve is a hidden gem.

The main section has a pair of slippery dips. Your older kids will revel in the climbing ropes and moving planks on the large purple adventure slide while the smaller orange slide is tailor-made for toddlers.

A tunnel, seesaw and cube structure with a spider’s web will further entertain your kids, and there’s a separate swing area perfect for toddlers and babies.

Surrounded by greenery, there’s plenty of space for a picnic, but no shade and no toilets so pack plenty of sunscreen.

3) Oaklands Estate Wetlands and Reserve

Part of the Oaklands Recreation Project, the nature playground here boasts a huge climbing rope frame. There’s also a nest swing, spinning top, and seesaw.

A separate area features logs and other natural wood laid out to encourage balancing and jumping games.

Throw in a skate park for your teens and plenty of space for riding bikes, you can also take full advantage of a shaded structure when the sun gets too fierce.

4) Jo Gapper Activity Park

The Jo Gapper Activity Park in Hillbank has an impressive playground for the little ones along with baseball and tennis courts for your teens.

While the playground isn’t shaded, you can take refuge in the picnic area while you watch your younger kids on the slides and swings or hanging from the monkey bars.

With toilets and a BBQ area along with plenty of parking and wide-open spaces, there’s something for everyone in this outstanding activity park.  

5) Parkway Reserve Fulham Gardens

Right behind Target in Fulham Gardens, Parkway Reserve greets you with a huge smiling face emblazoned on the tubular slide. This beast is complemented by a couple of more gentle slides for younger kids.

A climbing area and sandpit have a mini digger as the centrepiece.

With no toilets, shade or fencing, this is somewhere to stop off and stretch the legs rather than a playground to dig in for the whole day, but it’s well worth a look if you’re in the area.

6) Jenny Mathews Playground, Robe

Located right next to a huge Mahalia coffee shop, Jenny Mathews Playground allows you to relax on the deck with your latte while your kids run wild in the park.

Climbing and balancing gear dominates the space, and you’ll also find three slippery dips of varying steepness.

With a dedicated toddler area and a huge variety of equipment appealing to all ages, this playground is a real treasure. Although there’s no shade—a common complaint with Adelaide playgrounds—it’s fully fenced and has picnic facilities.

7) Rymill Park

Set in Rymill (Murlawirrapurka) Park, this playground is encircled by greenery and water. Packed with swings, slides and climbing equipment, there’s also a truly impressive sandpit at Rymill.

You should keep a close eye on your kids since the playground abuts a pond and there’s no fencing. Large trees provide shade and you’ll find toilets as well as plenty of benches for a picnic.

Since the playground is covered in wood bark, you’ll want to make sure your little ones are wearing shoes.

8) Kingston Lions Park Playground

The Lions Park Playground is a fully fenced gem with a play area to suit all ages.

Slides, seesaws and swings are combined with plenty of imaginative play equipment.

Open grass areas, toilets and ample shade make this a small, but perfectly formed playground, ticking all the right boxes.

9) The Big Slide Park, Craigburn Farm

You might struggle to spot this playground as it’s set among houses in a quiet little suburb, but it’s well worth locating for the main attraction.

The slide lives up to its name, and it’s steep enough that even the most adventurous kids should feel revved up at the thought of barreling down it at full clip.

There’s also a dedicated toddler area and space to spread out with a picnic.

10) Goolwa Nature Play Space

An ambitious project in the Bristow Smith Reserve, Goolwa Nature Play Space is right by the water, and not fenced, so you’ll need to monitor your children closely.

A restored wooden fishing boat will give your kids plenty of opportunities to climb and explore. There are also balancing logs and a range of climbing equipment. Slides and seesaws are toddler-friendly.

With sand everywhere and an exciting water pump area, you might want to pack a change of clothes for your kids—they’re likely to get dirty!

11) Bindarra Reserve, Brighton

The upgraded Bindarra Reserve playground is located directly opposite Brighton Beach.

With multiple areas and a whole host of equipment for all ages, there’s something for vigorous play, imaginative games and quiet time. Toddlers aren’t left out either with some bouncy animals to make their day.

Shaded, fenced and with the beach close at hand, Bindarra Reserve is one of our personal faves.

12) Point Turton Bike Track and Natural Playspace

Packed with slides, swings, water pumps and sand, this all-natural area is right by The Esplanade.

There’s a superb bike track built into the area above the park for the older kids.

While there are no shade sails over the playground, there are shelters dotted around the edge of it. You’ll find some public toilets here, too.

Although small, Point Turton is a nice way to spend an hour or two if you’re in the area and your kids are feeling restless.



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