10 Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

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When you get a positive pregnancy test, it’s likely going to be one of the most exciting things you will ever experience. Down the track, you’ve got a lot of wonderful things to look forward to, as well as some of the usual challenges. These could be anything from baby shower ideas, changes in your body to a bit of debating with your partner about new topics.

It’s almost equally thrilling when you get to announce the news to your loved ones and friends, but no one will share in that excitement quite as much as your partner.

Sure, you could just tell them that you’re pregnant, but where’s the fun in that? 

Starting this new phase of your life together can be fun and this can begin with the act of telling your partner that you’re expecting. 

Here are 10 ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant:

1) Bun In The Oven

For a tried and true pregnancy announcement, give this one a shot.

Make sure the oven is not powered on and then place a bun inside. Find some reason to get your partner to open the oven (perhaps, asking them to check on dinner). When they do, they will find the bun inside. 

Sometimes it takes some explaining, but most partners understand it right away!

2) Belly Tell

Write the announcement on your belly. You can do this in a few different ways. 

You could simply write, “I’m pregnant”, or choose something cute instead like, “Loading…10% Complete”.

Your partner will probably cotton onto this quickly and share in the excitement!

3) Involve Your Furry Kids

If you’ve got pets, you can get them involved in making the announcement to your partner. 

Place the positive pregnancy test or ultrasound in an envelope and attach it to your pet’s collar. When your partner sees the pet, they’ll quickly discover the news about the pending new addition to the family.

4) Frame It

Head to the shop and find a cute photo frame. Make an announcement inside it.

10 ways tell partner pregnant ultrasound

If you don’t yet have an ultrasound picture, you can just place a note in it that says, “Coming Soon!” and the expected due date. 

If you do have your ultrasound, you can place that in the picture frame instead. 

Give the frame to your partner as a gift to announce the pregnancy.

5) Table For Three

When setting the table for dinner, set one extra place. This works especially well if this is your first baby. 

Seeing the extra setting will prompt your partner to ask you what it is for and you can tell them that the place is for the baby.

6) Puzzle Time

Using your ultrasound picture, get a custom puzzle printed. 

You and your partner can put the puzzle together and, once it’s completed, you can announce when the baby is expected to make an entrance.

7) Involve The Kids

If you already have children, get them involved in the announcement (as long as they can keep the surprise secret). 

You can buy shirts for the children that say, “Big Brother” or “Big Sister”. 

Alternatively, you can use shirts you already own and use some fabric paint to customize your own. 

Dress the children in these shirts and send them to play with your partner. It might take them a minute to realize the significance of the words on the shirt but they’re sure to be ecstatic once they put it together.

8) Snappy

This is a fun way to tell everyone the news all at once.

At a family meal or gathering, get everyone together for a fun picture. Once everyone is in place for the photo, instead of saying “Cheese”, shout “Baby” or “I’m pregnant”. 

This will not only give everyone the news in a fun way, but you’ll have a photo to look at and see the reactions of everyone when they first heard the news.

9) Make It Sweet

Make your partner’s favourite cake or cupcakes. After they cool, spell out the announcement in the decorations as you are icing them.

When your partner excitedly reaches for a sweet treat, they will also get an unexpected announcement that’s sure to bring them immense joy.

10) Wrap It Up

Make a special gift for your partner. 

Include your pregnancy test, an ultrasound picture, a cute baby outfit, small baby toys and other things that make it obvious that a baby is coming. 

Wrap this all up in a nice box and leave it for your partner to find. 

When they open it and see all the baby things inside, you can share the good news with them and enjoy their reaction.



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