10 Great Playgrounds in Perth

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With so many fantastic playgrounds to choose from in Perth, it’s easy for analysis paralysis to set in.

We’ve made deciding where to go that much easier for you with this curated list of 10 of the best playgrounds in Perth, so you can keep the kids entertained and enjoy the great outdoors yourself.

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1) Annie’s Landing Playground

Located at Bandrock Drive in Ellenbrook, this park boasts plenty of great amenities like flying foxes, hidden pathways and hanging bridges. 

There is also a range of huge slides, sandpits, swings and tunnels. These features alone should prove to be an exciting and stimulating treat for your kids. 

Beyond the playground, there’s an abundance of trees encircling a beautiful lake inside the park. Its grass-filled grounds are tailor-made for a relaxing picnic.

2) Dr. Seuss Park (Kadidjiny Park)

This park is situated along Kitchener Road, Melville, WA. As the name implies, this playground is inspired by Dr. Seuss children stories. 

Your kids will be left in awe once they see the marvellous red, white and blue of the park, which will make them feel like they just stepped right into a children’s storybook.

The expansive grounds are ideal for riding scooters and bikes or playing basketball. 

Other features include a Dr. Seuss-themed exercise station, slides, a variety of swings, climbing nets, sandpits and rolling bumps.

3) Fantasy Park

Found at Rand Avenue. Waikiki WA, Fantasy Park is perfect for kids with wild imaginations and adventurous temperaments.

You’ll find interactive animal structures including dragons, giants, turtles and snails. Your kids can also explore some hidden tunnels around the area. 

4) Heathcote Park

Situated at Duncraig Road in Applecross WA, Heathcote Park is a pirate-themed park boasting the obligatory pirate ship for your kids to roam around.

This is one playground that will arouse the child in you while providing your little ones with all the entertainment they need at the same time.

Marvel at the picturesque views of the Swan River while having your picnic. There’s a coffee shop inside the park, too. 

5) Hyde Park

Hyde Park is located at Vincent Street corner William Street in Perth, WA. This is a combined park and playground with a magical theme. With castles and chain bridges to play on, kids of all ages can take advantage of the wide array of play equipment in complete safety.

This park serves up slides and swings as well as climbing nets and sandpits. They just recently built a water playground where you and your kids can go swimming and play games in the water.

6) Ivey Watson Playground

Ivey Watson Playground is found at Kings Park Road, WA. If you’re looking for a fun-filled outing for the whole family, this park delivers in style. 

There’s a sprawling playground with loads of equipment for kids under 6 years old.

There’s also a coffee shop with some tasty food on offer. You can also spread out for a picnic while your kids play ball games or explore on their bikes. There are plenty of trees and gazebos where you can shelter from the sun’s heat or any rogue rain showers. 

7) Neil McDougall Park

You can find this park at the Corner of Ley Street and Henley Street in Manning, WA. You and your kids will all be taken aback by the scenic view of the lake in the middle of the park. There’s ample space for walking, biking and riding scooters.

Picnic tables under the trees provide shaded shelter. There are also barbecue grills provided. The park amenities include exercise equipment, swings, slides and flying foxes.

8) Subiaco Theatre Gardens Play Space 

You can find this park on Hensman Road, Subiaco, WA. With wooden play structures, balancing beams, boulder climbing, sand play trays, tight ropes as well as water play trays, your kids will be spoiled for choice. 

There’s a row of shop front cubbies and a little wooden puppet theatre for your kids to enjoy, too. The trees provide shaded spots for picnics. 

The main attraction is undoubtedly the gorgeous central creek where kids can run around and play until they’re ready to curl up in the car and head home.

9) Wanneroo Rotary Park

This park is at Scenic Drive, Wanneroo, WA. 

A recreational park, you can commune with nature and forget all about the hustle and bustle of the city. The whole family will revel in the breathtaking view of Lake Joondalup.

Your kids can play on the traditional wooden equipment and they’ll love the slides, swings and rock climbing wall, too. They also have musical instruments and conveyor belts to really mix things up.

10) Yokine Play Space

This magnificent park is a unique and purpose-built playground that your kids will never forget.

Designed for kids of all ages and appealing to adults as well, there’s something for everyone at Yokine Play Space. You’ll find rock-climbing features, slides, swings and a spacious water play area. 

There are also giant musical instruments for everyone to enjoy. Balancing logs are added for those who want to test their skills and stamina. 

You can find Yokine Play Space at Woodsworth Avenue in Yokine, WA.



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